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For over 35 years as a civil trial attorney, I have represented individuals injured by the careless or intentional conduct of others. For the last three decades I have devoted myself to helping victims of sexual abuse by exposing child predators and the employers and institutions that protect them, and holding them accountable for their conduct.

I was recently recognized by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report (see page 9) issued on March 1, 2016, for my work on behalf of child victims of sexual abuse.

The sexual molestation of a child is unthinkable. Sadly, it occurs far more frequently than most people realize. The classic child molester is often well-liked and enjoys a position of trust in the community. Child predators seek employment or volunteer for positions where they have access to children. I have represented survivors of abuse who were molested as children by priests, coaches, teachers, choir leaders and day care workers.

Cases such as those involving the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America and Jerry Sandusky, a once respected coach at Penn State University, have exposed the horrors of sexual abuse and generated public awareness of the victimization of children. The publicity from these cases has resulted in a greater understanding that respected and trusted individuals can be guilty of the most heinous acts against children.

Handling a Wide Range of Sex Abuse Matters

I have dedicated myself to protecting children from child predators, regardless of their status, importance of their position or how large and powerful their employers are. In 1987, I filed a lawsuit against a serial child molester and the bishop and diocese who knowingly protected him.

I was successful in obtaining the only jury verdict in Pennsylvania against a priest, bishop and diocese involving the sexual molestation of a child. Since then, I have represented more than 200 victims of sexual abuse, and have an understanding and appreciation of its potentially lifelong impact.

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If you have been sexually abused by a priest, coach, Boy Scout leader, teacher or person you trusted, contact me to discretely and confidentially discuss your case. My office is located in Altoona and I represent clients throughout Pennsylvania.

You deserve justice, and the person who molested you and those who protected him or her deserve to be exposed and held responsible for the harm you have suffered. Exposing child predators helps to prevent other children from being victimized.